[Todos] SEMINARIO QB 2011- Raik Grünberg- Viernes 29 de abril-13:30 horas

Cybele García cygarcia en qb.fcen.uba.ar
Mie Abr 27 13:11:24 ART 2011

Estimados Colegas, tenemos el agrado de invitarlos al ciclo 2011 de
Seminarios del Departamento de Química Biológica.

Viernes 29 de abril a las 13:30 horas, Aula CARDINI del Departamento de
Química Biológica, 4to piso
Dr. Raik Grünberg, Centro de Regulacion Genómica (CRG), Barcelona.


>From natural to synthetic protein systems

Synthetic biologists aim to introduce clear-cut engineering principles
into the complex and often messy world of biology. Rather than always
starting over from scratch, sophisticated biological systems are to be
constructed from well-behaved and reusable off-the-shelf
components. This strategy has spurred the engineering of genetic
circuits serving as switches, cellular oscillators or memory
units. Inroads have also been made into the design of RNA systems or DNA
computation devices. By comparison, the design of purely
protein-based circuitry is lagging far behind. Yet, proteins are the
actual work horses of cells. Could also sophisticated protein circuits be
built from standardized parts?

I outline an engineering framework for the connection of re-usable protein
interaction devices into self-sufficient circuits. Such a
framework should help to ``refacture'' protein complexity into
well-defined exchangeable devices for predictive engineering.  In a
proof-of-concept study, we have constructed synthetic two-domain
proteins from BioBrick-formatted standardized "parts". We
characterized input interactions biophysically and then tested these
"input devices" with different combinations of interaction "readout"
modules. The systematic domain-swapping between synthetic proteins shed
light on factors limiting protein expression but also revealed some
challenges of the parts-based engineering approach.  Synthetic protein
systems promise to become a unique tool for studying the
complex interplay of protein dynamics, function, and interactions.


Los esperamos!

 Adriana De Siervi
 Cybele García
 Organizadoras de los Seminarios del Dpto Química Biológica, FCEN, UBA.

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